Monday, July 25, 2016

What will happen one minute after we die?

I cried while watching this video, not because I' was sad, but because I'm so moved by the truth. It's so biblical. I'm so lucky to have watched this video that it gives a glimmer of hope to my sad heart.

"Now the poor man (Lazarus) died and was carried away by the angels to Abraham's bosom..."
LUKE 16:19-31

dies a perishable body,
raised imperishable
sown in dishonor, raised in glory
sown in weakness, raised in power

When a person dies:

your spirit goes into hades/heaven
and you are the same person that you were on earth


"I beg you father Abraham, send him (lazarus) to my... five brothers, to warn them no to come to this place of torment."
LUKE 16:19-31

Q: do you think that my husband remembers me in heaven?

A: dear lady, do you think that your husband is going to know less in heaven than he did on earth?
of course he remembers you
he remembers you with CLARITY
and not only that he continues to love you
of course he continues to love you
in fact he continues to love you with a much purer love

relationship in heaven:
we are not going to be married in heaven, we will be like an angel in heaven.
but of course in heaven,
my mother will be known to me as my mother
my father will be known to me as my father
those kind of personal relationship will continue.

theologian, author,
pastor - moody church - chicago, IL

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