Monday, December 26, 2016

share the love

one time, upon knowing what was happened to me (about my family), someone asked "how could you be that strong?"

in fact, I'm not strong
I'm weak, I did want to commit suicide but something told me that

"even if I don't get enough love, I still CAN give love to others, to broken people like me, lots of people out there need the love. and every human is a unlimited source of LOVE."

I stammered, that words is echoing in my mind, again and again.

all that I know is that when I look down
there's people who don't even get to sleep in a warm bed
there's people who don't even got a home
there's people who are disabled
there's people who don't get enough food everyday

tears dribbled down my cheek as I know how thankful I am for this beautiful life. Eventhough I don't have my own house now, I could rent a room and I can sleep on a bed, I can eat everyday, and I can share the love I have.

and eventhough I'm physically alone now, I wouldn't waver.
it's been good.

all I want is to take away all the sorrow from the broken and lonely souls like me.
I hope I'd have time and strength to make that happen

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